Precious Peacock Baby Halloween Costume


There aren’t many peacock costumes for infants but the two that are available are two of the cutest on the market. The first is the Baby Peacock Infant / Toddler Costume which is extremely popular and has rave reviews. The new one is the one pictured above called the Precious Peacock Infant / Toddler Costume. Both costumes are great it all comes down to which colors you prefer. The precious peacock has a little more of an elaborate design and is made with brighter colors.

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Star Wars Baby Halloween Costumes


These are just a few of the Star Wars costumes that are available. Click here to see all of them.

There is no doubting the appeal and popularity of Star Wars. It’s easily one of, if not the most popular movie series of all time. The number of iconic characters in the series is numerous. Whether it’s a hero or a villain these are some of the coolest costumes that kids will love. Of course the parents of a baby boy or baby girl would probably love these baby Halloween costumes just as much if not more.

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Spring Flower Baby Halloween Costume


Flowers make great costumes for baby girls. Like the Baby Blossom the Spring Flower Infant / Toddler Costume is a very cute costume that is sure to make your child the winner of the cutie award. And if you have two kids around the same age than going as two different flowers would equal double the cuteness.

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Baby Blossom Baby Halloween Costumes


Certain costumes just stand out a little more than others and the Baby Blossom Infant / Toddler Costume. This three piece costumes is perfect for those that want to impress their friends and family with their child’s cuteness. This might just be the most adorable costume I have seen.

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Magical Unicorn Baby Halloween Costume


This is a very cute costume that is new for the 2012 Halloween season. The Magical Unicorn baby Halloween costume is great for people who like magical or mystical creature costumes. I think this costume is one of the most perfect costumes for the 2012 Halloween season. Parents and kids alike will absolutely love this and your baby will look adorable.

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Breaking Bad – The Early Years

I found this pic on my Facebook feed this morning and thought it was too funny not to post.


Tiger Costumes For Infants and Toddlers


More details and more costumes can be found here.

I love tigers. They’re my favorites of the big cats. They’re just magnificent creatures. These tiger costumes come in either orange and black or brown and black stripes. If you like tigers than you’ll love any of these costumes. Heck, if you like cats in general these costumes should be right up your alley.

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Kitty Costumes For Infants and Toddlers

More styles and colors are available. Click here to check them out.

Everyone loves cats! They’re more famous on the internet than people. That being said there are plenty of kitty costumes for infants and toddlers that you and your child will love.

There are several different styles, colors and more and they are all perfect for cat lovers. There’s going to be something you’ll love for sale this Halloween if you’re a cat lover.

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Lamb Infant Costume and Toddler Costume


Instead of putting up an individual listing for all the remaing lamb costumes I’m just going to take care of the rest of them right here in this post. I’ve already covered the Elite Lamb costume and the Pink Lamb costume.

I still say the Elite Costume is the best costume of them all but these costumes shown above are still great costumes. I really like the blue lamb costume too.

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Future Golfer Toddler and Infant Baby Halloween Costume


This is one of the more unique costumes I have come across this Halloween. But if you’re a father who likes to golf than you might not find it as odd. You might think it’s the best costume of the year and perfect for your son this Halloween. Any father who likes Golf will absolutely love dressing their child up in the Future Golfer costume.

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